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The NEOCUBE collection means minimal visual impact, maximum sound profit, and ease of installation and use.

To achieve this, the selected cubic form has the largest possible volume with the lowest visual impact, whatever the viewing angle. A 45° cut side, three integrated hanging points, a pole mount and a mounting bracket offer a multitude of fixed or mobile positioning options for FOH, stage monitoring or distributed installation.

The new ALPHA 3 A WF is the first one of wireless connected cabinets, using a new network with infinite connections capabilities and up to 12 perfectly synchronized channels.

The NEOSUB collection provides optimum volume, SPL and low end combination.

NEOSUB’s subwoofers are low profile with minimum visual impact, and are provided with single or double, long excursion, high power drivers. The ultra-compact, direct radiating NEOSUB subwoofers used with ArphoniA DSP presets and amplifiers combine punch and low end for excellent musicality and not only low frequency effects.

The NEO 360 collection provides perfect circular coupling for a perfect spherical array.

The NEO 360 collection of cabinets is designed to be used either standalone or coupled up to an entire corolla providing a true asymmetrical coverage tangerine in the non-coupling plane. This means that the wavefront is spherical rather than toroidal with the sphere being restricted vertically to cover more space downwards than upwards, or more space left than right when installed in vertical coupling mode.



ArphoniA cares for audio visual integrators.

All ArphoniA Collection products are delivered without any logo, and can also be customized, on special request, to match any visual requirement.

This is ArphoniA Custom Shop’s philosophy.

ArphoniA Collection is the elegant answer to any sound problem. To find out more about our products, download the attached data sheet: