Founded in 2002

by Alain Pouillon-Guibert, consulting engineer and experienced designer since over 20 years, Arphonia is a company specialized in consulting engineering and design, working for international manufacturers.
In 2008, a turning point was reached and the company signs an exclusive contract for a period of four years. Since 2012, we have been busy during two years to simulate, calculate, design, draw and build prototypes until the desired result, the ArphoniA collection was born.
The ArphoniA collection is the result of over 30 years dedicated by Alain Pouillon-Guibert to electroacoustic design for audio professionals, particularly in advanced coaxial design.
ArphoniA collection consists of point sources, mainly coaxial, active systems, self powered and slave, but always driven by proprietary DSP combining fast and low noise hardware as well as FIR and IIR filters, whose technical sophistication is matched only by the acoustic performance, with flat time and frequency responses. ArphoniA collection systems are not conventional cabinet with DSP added, no, they are much more. The DSP is a main engineering component of the design, as well as the drivers, the cabinet, the waveguides and the amplifiers. ArphoniA collection’s design integrates from the very beginning all the necessary functions, whether acoustic, electronic or mechanical, without shallow elements polluting the function and the appearance.