In the end of 2005, one professional range of high quality loudspeakers was born ? LOTUSLINE

From 2006 to 2007, LOTUSLINE has applied three proprietary technologies in our three series , such as:

  • SIC™ technology used in Lotusline SB series
  • MVC™ technology applied on Lotusline MA series
  • SHM™ collinear waveguide technology in Lotusline LA system

In 2009, LOTUSLINE acquired his own compiler software EASE FOCUS, called LA System.

In 2011, LOTUSLINE applied one new proprietary technology CLS™ (Coaxial Line Source).

CLS based cabinets are line array elements offering the best of both worlds, coaxial compactness and line source coupling.

In 2013, LOTUSLINE apply a new proprietary technology, SSA (Spherical source array).

SSA based cabinets are arrayable asymmetrical elements to be used unitary or coupled up to full hemispherical perfectly coherent point source.

LOTUSLINE products are made under strict quality control and we maintain very strict tests throughout the whole manufacturing process.

LOTUSLINE systems are state of the art innovative products and offer the sound designer, sophisticated but easy to use electro acoustic tools, which are the key to sound.

Forget the system and enjoy the sound !